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    Francis Turbine
    The Francis type turbines are mostly suitable for hydro-power stations with medium or high head, The Francis type turbines suppied by our company are compact in structure, reasonable in design, convenience in maintenance and excellent and could be vastly selected by the hydraulic power stations. With many years of our own experience and absorbing advanced level of Francis turbines has been raised to new stages in meeting ever growing requirements of our clients for various hydraulic power resources. The Francis turbines supplied by our company, are ranging from 10 to 450m in water head, 50KW to 100 MW in capacity and 0.35 to 4.5 m in runner diameter.

    Horizontal Francis Turbine

    Customized Horizontal Francis Turbine

    Small Integration Vertical Francis Turbine


    Horizontal FrancisTurbine


    Horizontal  Francis Turbine


    Sturcture of  Vertical Francis Type Turbine-Generator Unit

    Francis Turbine Runner
    for Medium Water Head
    Francis Turbine Runner
    for Higher Water Head
    Francis Turbine Runner
    for Lower Water Head

    Spiral Case of Francis Runner

     Water Distributor of Francis Turbine

    Elbow Draft Tube of Francis Turbine
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