• Water to Wire Package Contracting

    CHPE specializes in providing complete water-to-wire packages of electric and mechanical equipment.  Typically, these comprehensive packages include all mechanical and electrical components, specifically:
       Turbines and Associated Hydraulics
       Inlet Valves and Inlet Penstock
       Draft Tubes and Liners
       Control and Protections
       SCADA System for Generating Plant 
    CHPE has adopted a best-of-class strategy with its water-to-wire equipment packages. Customers receive the most advanced and reliable control, switchgear, and protection and generator equipment in order to match the performance of CHPE turbines-generator unit and maximize their project return. CHPE takes overall responsibility for the procurement, integration and supply of all major components, offering customers critical benefits with respect to performance and cost control, while reducing overall project risk. Established manufacturers approved by the client are used to supply components not manufactured by CHPE.
    CHPE Water to Wire package ensures overall plant performance and cost control by providing:
        Single point responsibility for overall plant performance (e.g., turbine and generator output, hydraulic efficiency, etc)
        Optimized equipment specifications and integrated engineering of the plant’s major components.
    CHPE Water to Wire package also reduces overall project risk by providing:
    Single point responsibility for the procurement and delivery of the entire hydro-mechanical system
    Minimized integration risks during the installation and commissioning process
    All inclusive Water to Wire package price.

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